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The science of Instructional Design has the processes and tools that provide the means to address and solve real-life learning challenges. We have mined this science to bring you these services:

  1. Needs Identification and Analysis Services
  2. Learning Design Services
  3. Learning Evaluation Services

Did our courses meet our business needs and solve performance problems? This question tops the list in every L&D Manager's mind. The best place to find an answer to this question is at the beginning – were the courses commissioned based on real, identified needs?

iDesign Skills can conduct a systematic, practical Needs Identification and Analysis (NIA) exercise for your organization using performance-based models. This study can be conducted for a given set of courses curriculum or an annual organization-wide exercise.

At the end of this exercise, we provide a detailed NI Report and a Curriculum (if applicable and within the scope). To know more about our approach and processes, please get in touch with us at

The design of learning shoulders the responsibility addressing all at once - learning needs, learner preferences, the learning environment, media and subject matter characteristics, and of course the targeted learning outcomes. It is really about finding that sweet spot where learning objectives are achieved so that learning is effective and learners are also thoroughly engaged. Our instructional approach borrows liberally from Cognitivist and Constructivist theories of learning – blending creatively with media to create a unique experience for learners.

We specialize in using Stories as an instructional method – for both classroom and eLearning – and for functional and behaviour-based training. The use of Stories allows the creation of holistic learning, that addresses both cognitive and affective learning objectives.

At the end of this exercise, we provide a detailed NI Report and a Curriculum (if applicable and within the scope). To know more about how we use Stories for holistic learning design, please get in touch with us at

iDesign Skills can assist in two types of learning evaluations with your L&D function:

  1. Measuring the learning effectiveness of a specific learning intervention.
  2. Evaluating learning interventions for learnability and design using a framework created internally at iDesign Skills in association with IDC, IIT, Mumbai.

To know more about this service please get in touch with us at

Other Services

All things great and small important related to Learning

  • Assessment bank

    iDesign Skills can assist in the creation of assessment banks mapped to Bloom's Taxonomy for any of your courses.

  • Case studies for learning and assessments

    A good case study needs to address the learning objectives and also needs to be interesting, motivating enough for the learner. iDesign Skills can write interesting, learning-oriented case studies for your courses.

  • Learning infographics

    Info-graphics are a great way to create a visual summary of all the learning you want your learners to take away. The added beauty is that the info-graphic can exist as a poster in your office wall or a short booklet or a medium-sized chart for the desk soft-board or perhaps a calendar. iDesign Skills extends this offering to you as a part of our services.

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iDesign Skills is a boutique Instructional Design firm providing Learning Design and Learning Advisory services. Our work is guided by a simple belief – put science & creativity back into learning.

The single-minded pursuit of this belief reflects in the way we help our clients design learning interventions, build ID capability and define training processes.

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