Designing Affective Learning


Of the conjoined twins of 'will & skill', the future belongs to 'will'. As training for skills becomes more accessible through ubiquitous means and also as operational tasks are made simpler with the use of technology, the focus will need to shift on 'will' or attitudes. Training programs will need to rise above the existing buckets 'technical' and 'behavioral' buckets to offer a blend of both skills and behaviours in each course.

iDesign Skills has created an Instructional Design framework that can be deployed for the design and implementation of behavioural learning interventions. The course 'Design for Affective Learning' covers this framework in a practical way.

Course Outline:

  • The Missing Link (in Functional and Behavioural courses)
  • The Information Processing Model
  • Understanding 'Schema'
  • Decoding the Affective Domain
  • Writing Learning Objectives for the Affective Domain
  • Instructional Strategies for the Affective Domain
  • Assessing the Affective Domain

Workshop Details

  • Duration:

    2 day classroom workshop + Project Time

  • Pre-requisites:

    Prior course design experience

About I Design Skills

iDesign Skills is a boutique Instructional Design firm providing Learning Design and Learning Advisory services. Our work is guided by a simple belief – put science & creativity back into learning.

The single-minded pursuit of this belief reflects in the way we help our clients design learning interventions, build ID capability and define training processes.

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